Hartverscheurend !!
They were crossing the street until a car hit the black cat. The cat was constantly doing a massage exactly there where the heart from a cat is placed.(The heart from a cat is a little bit under his chest. maybe it was just luck that the massage were on his heart, but maybe he just tried to get a reaction.) The cat didn't do that for only 4 minutes, he stayed and tried to wake up for 2 hours. The video is just 4minutes. People tried to help but the white was FIGHTING against them when someone came closer, he got really angry, but you can't see that in this video, they just recorded 4 minutes. A cat only fights against big creatures like humans when they have little kittens. ( I know it by myself, I live in turkey and we have a lot of street cats, but even when they are in groups, they run away when you come closer. only if I'm near to the kittens, they start to attack.) But this here shows that cats protect also injured friends and he knows that it can't defend his self. AND this shows that this cat has feelings. So it can't be just for sex when he defends his friend with his life. Cats would normally run away, because just for sex it isn't worth to risk his life, that's logical. After 2 hours he gave up and so the vet checked the black cat, but it was already dead. But maybe he was not trying to wake up and just wanted to stay with his friend. Nobody really knows what this white cat was doing)

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11.10 | 14:48

Heel hartelijk dank vvor Uw donatie , we zijn er heel blij mee !!!
Vriendelijke groeten
Lenička Roozendaal

11.10 | 14:13

Heel hartelijk dank voor de donatie en het compliment !!!
Vriendelijke groeten,

10.10 | 08:53

Donatie gedaan. Voor al het goede werk wat jullie doen.

06.10 | 11:14

Wij waren zeer onder de indruk van het artikel in de Telegraaf van 4 Oktober jl.
Ik ga dit jaar mijn kerstpakket aan u doneren. ! Fantastisch werk doet u.

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